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You Love Pictures. Otherwise, You Wouldn't Be Here.

Friends and Family:
     Memorial Day! -Pictures from a Brand celebration full of pictures of Pa and Greg's baby Cousin, Logan.      Blue Karaoke! -Pictures of a friend outing scouting out Blue Karaoke!
     Baby Logan -Pictures of Greg and me holding the new baby Logan!
     Dexter Daze 2006 - Pictures from my very first Beer Tent experience!
     Fourth of July 2006 - Pictures from the celebration at my parent's house!
     New Years Eve - Pictures from Bob and Brendan's New Years Eve Party December 2005 - January 2006.
     Tom and Bridgit's Wedding - Pictures from Tom and Bridgit's Wedding in December of 2005.
     Florida Brands - Pictures from Tampa Florida, where the Brand family united to celebrate
   Thanksgiving and the wedding of Greg's Uncle Robin in 2005.
     Kittens in Costumes - Pictures from when we dressed-up the cats for Halloween in 2005.
   Ticonderoga is the bumblebee and Montoya is the dragon.
     Paris - Pictures from when my mother and I went to Paris in August of 2005.
- Pictures from my Fourth of July picnic party in 2005.
     Summer Parties - Pictures from two parties during Summer 2005 at Brendan and Bob's.
     My 20th Birthday - Pictures from the party Bob and Brendan threw me in March of 2005!
     Kittens - Pictures of our darling kittens.
     New Kittens - Pictures of baby kittens
     The Move Out Party - Pictures from out last party at the old house Summer 2004.
     West Side Parties - Pictures from the parties of "West Side Story" Summer 2004.
     Alison's Graduation - Pictures from Alison's grad-school graduation from Carnegie Mellon in Spring of 2004.
     Toga Party - Pictures from the Toga party at Anna and Kelli's House on the first day of Spring in 2004.
     My 19th Birthday - Pictures from my birthday gathering in March of 2004.
     Jenna, Greg, Bob and Tom - Pictures of us roomies at Greg's parents house.
     Greg and Jenna - Pictures of us around my parent's house in the Summer of 2003.
     Oklahoma! Backstage - BACKSTAGE Pictures from Dexter Community Players' Summer 2006
    production of "Oklahoma!" where I played Ado Annie.
     Oklahoma! - Pictures from Dexter Community Players' Summer 2006
    production of "Oklahoma!" where I played Ado Annie.
     Little Shop of Horrors - Pictures from Saline Area Players' October 2005
    production of "Little Shop of Horrors," where I played Audrey.
     Sweeney Todd - Pictures from Dexter Community Players' Summer 2005
    production of "Sweeney Todd," where I played Mrs. Lovett.
     Parade - Pictures from the Fourth of July parade in 2005
    where DCP performed as a shopping cart drill team.
     West Side Story - Pictures from behind the scenes of "West Side Story" Summer 2004, where I played Rosalia.
     The Music Man - Pictures from the Saline Area Players' March 2004 production, where I played Alma Hix.
     Santa's Elves on Strike - Pictures from the Dexter Community Players' Winter Musical from 2003 that I directed.
     Pippin - Pictures from Dexter Community Players' Summer 2003 production, where I played Fastrada .
     Little Shop of Horrors - Pictures from Dexter High School's Spring 2001 production, where I played Audrey.