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Blue Karaoke!

Erin with Lobby Poodle

Erin with Lobby Poodle

Jenna and Erin acting Asian

I'm so excited to be at Blue Karaoke

Korean book, or English book?

Greg, Bob, Kitty, Tort

I'm a Bitch, I'm a Lover

I Have Two Heads!!

Ed Rocking Out

Dwyer Duet

Greg Playing Light Up Tamborine

Kitty and Tort. So Pretty!

Metta says, "SING, TORT!"

Ed and Erin Love Ballad

TB, Dustin, and Greg!

Love Fest 2k6

More Love Fest 2k6

More Erin and Ed Love Ballads

I Forget This Guy's Name, but He ROCKED

This is that guy ROCKING!

Girls Rejoice! That Can had Alcohol in it.

Bob and Greg Sang Purty.

YouTube Link: Watch Them Sing!!

The Scored 100!

Ed Singing

Erin Sings and I Dance Drunk!

Erin Sings and I Dance Drunk!

Dustin Got on the Table

Dustin's Going to Leap!

But I Push Him Off First

One Last Jam from Erin and Ed!