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You Love Links, Otherwise You Wouldn't Be Here...

- Learn to craft.
     Cute Overload: - Everybody likes to look at cute things.
     Natalie Dee: - Best cartoonist, ever.
Friends and Family:
     Greg's Page: - Greg is my fiance and he has a blog and some nerd stuff.
     Bob's Page: - Bob is the best friend of Jreg. He has a blog and some nerd stuff, too.
     Brent's Blog: - Brent is Greg's cousin who lives in Pittsburgh.
     Dustin's Blog: - Dustin is my good friend and he's trying to start a video blog.
     Kitty's Blog: - Kitty is my pretty, funny gal pal.
     Mike's (T.B's) Blog: - Mike is the Rosa Parks of Gay Comic Book Civil Rights.
     Alison and Paul's Page: - Greg's sister and brother-in-law have a webpage!
Theater Groups:
- The best community theater group in Southeastern Michigan.
    Ann Arbor Civic Theater - I've done one show with this group so far.
     Saline Area Players - The sister community theater organization to DCP. A very nice group.